About BTC :

BTCMiningHub is an investment portal based on the principle of bitcoin Mining.

It is powered by Bitcoin, a digital crypto- currency with an open source code.

All transactional processes are open to public scrutiny and inspection. Since all transactions are carried out using Bitcoins these can be verified at the Bitcoin Blockchain (www.blockchain.info)

The fund functions on preset algorithms; processes cannot be controlled by third parties or even by its developers. Similar to Bitcoin network which is sustained by the miners (authentication and transaction confirmations) the fund is based on bitcoin mining which depends on the participant contributions. The whole process is cyclic; contributions are to be made continuously according to the activation rules.

BTCMiningHub is the great opportunity for Bitcoin owners to invest and make their capital grow in a highly secured environment.

Key Features:

  • Powered by Bitcoin, the first Crypto-currency in the history of mankind.

  • Absolute Anonymity of Participants.

  • Powered by Bitcoin, the first Crypto-currency in the history of mankind.

  • Limited Third party interference and control.

  • BTC works on Preset Algorithms.

  • No individual or organization has direct control.

  • Absolute transparency since all transactions can be monitored and observed at the Bitcoin Blockchain (www.blockchain.info).

  • No maximum limit for investment.

  • 24X 7 transaction operations.

  • High tech programming for linkup between the BTC Database and Bitcoin Network (Advanced call back and Webhook technology).

  • Exhaustive statistics of BTC operations available for public scrutiny and inspection.

  • Every participant can observe every other participant's transactions and vice versa at the Bitcoin Blockchain (www.blockchain.info).

  • All transactions done within the BTC database have records in the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Registration :

Registration is totally free, one can join anytime with detail.

Investment Return :

User will receive double of his investment after two months

Draw every month :

Our system generates a draw every month and winner receives 1 BTC